Anonymous asked:

Ive noticed you did adventure time shots....have you ever throught about doing my little pony : Friendship is magic based shots?

yes. we have a few actually. just tweaking them and getting photos done.

drunk1n-donuts asked:

I was reading the star wars cocktail post and I need large quantities of them. I was wondering if you had any advice on what would be the best way to scale these drinks to 3 gallons each.

Luckily due to the size of these drinks they upscale pretty easily. replace ounces with liters.


1 liter pineapple rum
1 liter coconut rum
.5 liter blue curaco


1 liter black cherry rum
1 liter Cherry pucker
.5 liter grenadine
.5 liter vanilla rum

And just fill with sprite and it shouldn’t change the cocktails taste or color at all.

The Wiggin-tinis

Ender’s Game cocktails!


  • 2 parts - Whiskey
  • 1 part - Benedictine
  • .5 part - Fresh lemon juice


  • 2 parts - X-rated
  • 1 part - Cherry vodka
  • .5 part - Grenadine


  • 2 parts - Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
  • 1 part - Apple pie moonshine
  • .5 part - Sweet & sour mix


  1. take all ingredients into a shaker with ice
  2. Shake vigorously
  3. Strain into a martini glass


*For the Locke use any whiskey you like but sweet whiskey works better than bourbon or sour mash*

So Like many of you i read Ender’s game in middle school. Obviously being that age I fell in love with that book. As time went on I read the book over and over and couldn’t wait to watch it on the big screen. So this weekend the movie comes out and we all here at EXP bar decided to memorialize the Wiggins children in martini form. because above all they need to be classy and fierce.

Locke - We made the Peter strong, with a nice burn, but a hint of sweetness with a slow bitter finish. A powerful blend with a hint of love for the first Wiggin child

Demosthenes - We made the Valentine sweet, warming, and a nice little kick to show her strong side. A loving sweet blend for the second Wiggin child.

Ender - We made the Andrew a perfect blend of sweet and strong. Not too fierce yet not too weak. A perfect blend for the third Wiggin child

So go out enjoy and hopefully the movie lives up to the book and we can celebrate with a Wiggin-tini!!

"In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him.” ~ Ender Wiggin

We’re back!

After a small hiatus we are back. we have a huge and i do mean HUGE drink update coming soon. Think 10 cocktails and several shots. we do apologize for the lack of updates we all know how life can get sometimes. but we are still around and have very big things planned for the future and the rest of this year including contests, multimedia projects, and of course more drinks! so stay tuned.

8 Bit Brandt (in the hat) and Below Average Joe (in the tie) are starting a new audio visual project and are looking to work on our splash page/logo. these are the styles we are looking at and was wondering what you guys, the fans like best. so please take a few seconds and help us decide. it would be much appreciated. 

Which photo do you like best?

  • Style 1
  • Style 2
  • Style 3
  • Style 4
  • Style 5
  • Style 6


More polls: Gullbrev

Doctor Who Mocktails!!

Gallifrey Double Sunrise:

  • 1 oz - Pineapple Juice
  • 1 oz - Lime Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • grenadine


  1. Fill a tall glass to the brim with ice
  2. pour in the lime/pineapple juice
  3. fill with orange juice
  4. Stir gently
  5. gently pour grenadine inside the glass and let it sink
  6. garnish with two oranges.
Regeneration Energy:
  • 4 parts - Sprite
  • 4 parts - Red Bull 
  • 1 part - Pineapple Juice
  1. pour all ingredients in a shaker with ice
  2. very gently shake
  3. strain into a tall glass with plenty of ice
  4. brace yourself for the oncoming storm of regeneration

So Christmas day is a day for family, gifts, love and of course for us whovians the annual Doctor Who Christmas special. and what better way to enjoy the special then with a doctor who themed mocktail? 2 Doctor Who themed mocktails!!!!!

First up the Gallifrey Double Sunrise! A sweet and tart cocktail with a cherry kick to it that rounds it out very nicely.

Second up Regeneration Energy! Sometimes you just need to sit back, recover and regain yourself. What better way to do that then with time lord energy? this has a very sweet and understated taste that will give you the energy to keep on going through waves of daleks.

That’s our Christmas wrap up for this year guys hope you enjoy and stay tuned next week for a new mocktail! and remember whether you’re a fan of the old doctors or Eccleston, a Tennant or a smith fan, we are all Whovians, so remember Allons-y, Geronimo and Fantastic!

“There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? You need a hand to hold.”  ~ Tennant

Long Isle Delfino Iced Tea

  • 6 oz - sprite
  • 2 oz - Dr. Pepper
  • 3 oz - Sweet & Sour mix


  1. Fill a large glass with ice
  2. pour sprite and coke over the ice
  3. fill with sweet and sour
  4. stir (or gently shake)
  5. kick back on the beach and enjoy 


So Long Island Iced Teas can be great, It is a relatively complex cocktail and is refreshing on a hot day. So we sat down and came up with a refreshing, crisp, and a tad bit tart but sweet cocktail. The sweet and sour gives it a bit of a kick, while the Dr. Pepper rounds out the flavor and gives it a sweet after taste. 

“Welcome to the sun-drenched tropical paradise of Isle Delfino! We’re so pleased to welcome you to our beautiful home! Come enjoy a natural wonderland to which we’ve added the world’s finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood! This and more await you on Isle Delfino! Come relax, and let us refresh your body and spirit!” ~Pianta

The Kirby!!
  • 6 oz - Mountain dew
  • 3 oz - Orange juice (the fresher the better)
  • .5 oz - grenadine


  1. pour all ingrediants in a tall glass over ice
  2. stir gently
  3. inhale!

To kick off Designated December we have The Kirby!!

a light, bubbly, fruity drink that is easy going and delicious. If mixed properly it has a nice pink hue to it and is a little bubbly, just like the pink ball that won all our hearts two decades ago. Now this drink has a very understated taste to it that any designated driver will enjoy while staying responsible.

Your spirit is willing but your pink flesh is weak” ~ Meta knight 

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