Adrenaline Needle

A Pulp Fiction Shot

  • 2 part - Redbull
  • 1 part - Cherry Vodka
  • 1 part - Amaretto


  1. Chill all ingredients
  2. pour all in a small glass or shaker
  3. stir well
  4. insert syringe shot glass
  5. fill with shot
  6. inject into mouth
  7. repeat until you’re no longer Od’ing

Okay the adrenaline needle scene in pulp fiction is insanely memorable, and its a very well shot scene. It’s pivotal to the story, lots of excitement and action. Uma thurman is brought back from death from a shot straight to the heart. So we wanted to make a shot that could do just that. I believe we have succeeded. It is also best made in batches of 2 or 3.

Fun story about this shot. Red texts me at like 5:15 saying he bought syringe shot glasses and wanted to make either bioshock or pulp fiction shots. two seconds later he sends another that says please say pulp fiction. At the time our buddies at the drunken moogle had JUST uploaded some bioshock shots. So i said hell pulp fiction. Now red and i were NEVER in the same room or even building when we worked on this. it was a series of 25ish text messages tweaking it with out him ever being here. In the end we had made a very delicious shot.


I’ve never had to, all right! I don’t go joy-poppin’ with bubble-gummers! My friends can handle their highs!~ Lance

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